What Makes You Happy?

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What Makes You Happy?

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Happy Pockets Full of Money CourseHi I’m Christina van Lankvelt from Sudbury Ontario Canada

I’m Merco from Florence Italy

My name is Monica and I live in Sweden

I am from Kazakhstan

I’m from Lima Peru

I’m from Berkeley California by way of Queens New York

Hello, my name is Moyo and I am from Mexico

[Person 1] Paragliding, laughing and eating cake

[Person 2] Playing with my dogs taking walks in the park watching a beautiful sunset

[Person 3] Cooking something beautiful and enjoying food with family and friends

[Person 4] Breathing, I love to breath

Hay House Wisdom Community[Person 5] I have four girls they make me happy, most of the time, sometimes they drive me crazy

[Person 6] I love animals, animals make me really happy

[Moyo] To dance…

[Person 7] What are the things that makes me the most happy is this… (shows scenery)

[Dacher Keltner] What makes me happy is playing with my kids, being with my wife, having a good burrito, listen African music, getting out in the woods, swimming in cold water, playing handball and above all else listening to Iggy pop and teaching human happiness

[Emiliana Simon-Thomas] It’s such a privilege for me to share this material people from all over the world and I sincerely hope that it makes a difference for you as it has for me. To get this question what makes me happy, I decided to seek some outside expertise

[Emiliana’s Kids] What makes my mom is spending fun peaceful time with the family, watching her kids perform and hanging out with the neighbors.


The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

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