Happy Birthday Card

You will make an impression by giving this unique and intimate “Happy Birthday” gift card and plant kit. This gift will continue to show your gratitude for months, even years to come!

Birthday Gift Card

Birthday Gift Card

Birthday Gift Card and Plant Kit: Hypoestes Splash Mix – red, white and pink with green leaves

Splash Gratitude Seed Plant

Gratitude Seed Plant at about 6 months of growth.

Our Gift Plant kits provide everything you need to grow a house plant from seed. Each kit is easy to use, designed to be “add water only” and grown in a sunny window.

Each gift kit includes:

  • The “Birthday” greeting card. Cards can be previewed in the Card Gallery in to the right.
  • Organic soil
  • Biodegradable container with saucer
  • Plant seeds
  • Growing instructions and details about the house plant and its benefit
    Gratitude Seed Gift Plant vases

    Gift Plant Kit vases come in avocado, harvest, and natural

PRICE: $ 19.95

Shipping/Handling: $ 6.95 per kit. Each kit ships separately.

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dd a personalized gift note when you check out!

Gratitude Seeds gift vases are environmentally friendly in the following ways:

  • Biodegradable for sustainable gardening
  • Minimal recyclable packaging and materials
  • Organic soil

Happy Birthday Card and Gift Plant Kit

On your birthday,
My wish for you is joy and smiles,
May this year be full of happy
memories and wonderful moments.
Wishing you good health and
happiness in life and always.
Happy Birthday!

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