“US” – A Poem by April E. Conner

US is a poem to remind us that we are stronger together.

April Conner originally published in 2016 and even more relevant today.

Author: April E. Conner https://www.aprileconner.com
Music: https://www.purple-planet.com



April E. Conner

April is a playful, grateful mystic showing up in the world as a guide, a writer, and a public speaker. Spirit is her passion and expanding consciousness is her groove.

Intuitive and clear, April has explored the depths of her own soul to realize her truth.

What she offers is to guide you to finding your own truth, your own power, and your wisdom.

Inspired Guidance – Life can be easy, joyous, and fun!

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Transcript: US – A Poem by April E. Conner © 2016

Chop wood, carry water.
Hard to focus on the mundane
when my heart is ablaze.
And yet there is work to be done –
Mine and mine.

It is time.
People are ready
To listen and to hear.
The Truth is already out there.
I have nothing new to share
But my voice.

We have ignored the beauty and power that is within our reach,
That is all around,
That is Who We Are.
There is so much more than This.
We are so much more than This.

We see ourselves as separate.
We blame each other.
We hide
And we fight,

We end up re-injuring ourselves
over and over.
But now is the time to Wake Up.
Now is the time to get up
Off our knees
So that we can acknowledge
how Great We Are.

Someone recognized a while ago that
Together we are stronger.
In truth we are already one.
There is no separation.
“Our separation is an optical delusion.”

From this point forward we need only look at
And for
Our similarities.
Focusing on our differences
will do nothing
But continue to tear us apart.

What scares you –
What you do not understand –
What you refuse to accept –
What you hate
In someone else

In your life
is merely a reflection of you
Another aspect of you.

I am what I see in the mirror of my life.
I am the reflections of the smiles
And the pain
And the joy
And the grief
Of those in front of me.
And they are of me.

I am the loved ones
And undesirable ones
And the enlightened ones
And the unthinkable ones
And the wise ones;
And together we are beautiful.

There is no me
And them.
We are one!
I am not the first to say this
Nor the last.

Our strength
Is in the recognition of
Our Unity.

Don’t you think it is time
we acknowledge all of US
Love all of US
Embrace all of US.

©2016 April E Conner.com – Publish with permission

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