Three-Part Webinar Series: “Healing Racism”

Healing Racism: Embrace Diversity in Our Personal Lives, Communities and World

Hosted by Tami Simon, Dr. Jana will share thoughts on how we can influence the people and groups closest to us, and how you can affect healing connections in your families, with your friends, and on your teams.
Tami and Dr. Jana will also discuss:

  • Understanding and addressing microaggressions and what Dr. Jana calls “subtle acts of exclusion”—in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and at work
  • How to have difficult conversations about race with family members, neighbors, friends, and coworkers
  • Raising children who are aware of discrimination and actively committed to healing racism
  • What does an “inclusive leader” look like in an organization?

How do we begin to heal racism?

According to Dr. Tiffany Jana, one of the leading educators in diversity, equity, and inclusion, healing happens through “concentric circles of care.” We begin with ourselves, by reckoning with our own shadows and our own culpability in systems of oppression. And that’s step one.

We then need to extend ourselves and engage in our families and neighborhoods, in our workplaces, and in our communities—and to commit to acting on our newfound awareness. As Dr. Jana says, if we’re doing this right, it will be uncomfortable … and that’s a necessary part of the process.

And then we need to extend even further—to move out of our “silos” and create a matrix of unity around the world.

With “Healing Racism,” Dr. Jana will be leading us in a three-part webinar series, offered for free by Sounds True.

In conversation with Sounds True founder Tami Simon, Dr. Jana will discuss:

  • The meaning and importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity
  • The work of uncovering and addressing our own unconscious bias
  • Why having conversations is critical to learning about experiences outside of our own—and how to show up fully to such conversations even when they’re difficult
  • How to hold ourselves accountable while also seeing ourselves with love when we falter along the way
  • Understanding and addressing subtle acts of exclusion—in our neighborhoods, communities, and at work
  • How we can become change agents every day by voting with our dollars and supporting businesses that align with our values
  • The power of this moment, and why now is the time when we can help initiate a paradigm shift and a substantial disruption of racism

“We have the opportunity to reshape the world we live in with mindful intention toward inclusion and justice,” teaches Dr. Jana. We need brave hearts right now to do this work, and to deeply engage with ourselves, our communities, and the world. This is our journey to walk together. Please come join us.

Dr. Tiffany Jana [they/them] is a leading DEI educator and a non-binary Awareness Artist. Dr. Jana is the coauthor of the books Overcoming Bias, Erasing Institutional Bias, and Subtle Acts of Exclusion. They are the founder of TMI Consulting, Inc., the world’s first diversity-focused Certified Benefit Corporation. Dr. Jana has been featured in numerous publications and media including Fast Company, the New York Times, and Forbes for their work on diversity, equity, empowerment, and inclusion. They’ve done a TEDx on privilege and were named one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers by

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