The Shift Network – FREE Online Events & Workshops

Transformative free online events to help you live an extraordinary life and give your greatest gifts in inspired action.

Free Online Events!  From the comfort of your home, these events and workshops are designed to bring you the best information and growth possible. We feature hour-long classes with a single teacher or week long ‘summits’ with dozens of experts.

Events span the full range of topics for a joyful, meaningful, healthy life, including Spirituality, Holistic Health & Wellness, Shamanism, Personal Growth, Relationships & Parenting, Social Impact, Enlightened Business & much, much more.

We support you in upleveling all aspects of your life and be empowered to create a better world.

Upcoming FREE Virtual Workshops

Let Life In: Now – June 15, 2020

Peace & Joy: Now – June 16, 2020

Emotional Wellbeing: Now – June 16, 2020

Clear the Energy: Now – June 17, 2020

The Shift Network aim’s to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

We hold a vision of everyone’s basic needs being met while living in peace and the best in all of us is expressed. All of humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Our intention is to share the very best in personal and societal transformation, so that together, step by step, we’re shifting the way we do things on this planet and creating a beautiful world that works for all.

A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.

Charitable Giving
From 2014-2015, The Shift Network gave 12.2% of our profits to charitable organizations.

In 2015, we supported organizations with $65,000 in donations and raising well over $75,000 in contributions from our community.

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