The Biology of Beliefs

Brief video where Dr. Bruce Lipton describes our beliefs like in the movie The Matrix and that it’s time to get out of the program and returned to the seat of power.

The Biology of Belief and The Matrix – Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Funk, better known as Bruce Lipton in some circles, to suggest that there’s a great opportunity for you to make an advancement in your life, to take back power and control, the life that you have in this world.

It’s very interesting that a number of us have all seen the movie the matrix and see it as a science fiction movie.

I’d rather tell you it’s a science fact movie. it’s basically a story about how we’ve all been programmed and are working for the machine.

And the interesting fact about that is, it’s time to get out of the program.

It’s time to take that red pill and wake up your consciousness.

Because when you wake up your consciousness you returned to the seat of power. The power of who you are, which is beyond belief.

Become the person who really can be, a super person, a person who lives in love, health and harmony and contributes to the beauty of our world.

So looking for you at that site, come and join me there.

Thank you.

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