Winter Solstice Fest: Music & Ritual for Renewal

Winter Solstice Fest – Free Online Event It’s time to release, ground, and manifest. Since ancient times communities across the world have gathered to honor and celebrate the changing of the seasons. These celebratory moments played a vital role in revitalizing community spirit and affirming vital health for the coming… READ MORE

Celtic Greetings!

Celtic Greetings! Winter Solstice Stonehenge. Tree-Free Greetings 12-Count Winter Solstice Card Set with Envelopes, 4″ x 6″ Celtic Greetings Winter Solstice Stonehenge Peace Stonehenge is carefully aligned on a sightline that points to the winter solstice sunset View More Greeting Cards >>> Front: Winter Solstice Stonehenge Inside: Peace – Stonehenge… READ MORE