Open to the Grace that Living in the Heart of Your Being

Living From Grace in Challenging Times

Given the unprecedented uncertainty many of us find ourselves in, it’s understandable that we all just want to feel at ease again.

But what if, no matter what happens in your life and in the world, you had the capacity to embrace it all with courage, curiosity, compassion, and humility?

You absolutely have the power within you right now to move through tough times by staying fully present. Discovering what’s at the core of your fear, and discovering what’s always alive in the space underneath it. This liberates the innate clarity you need to make life-sustaining choices…and rise into the noble human being you were born to be and that our world needs.

Explore how to live as an awake, grounded, grace-filled human being

The good news is, this all happens naturally. As you recognize that you already exist within an infinite ground of grace. This enables you to cultivate presence, equanimity, and open-hearted responsiveness, no matter what happens in life.

On Wednesday, August 5, spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson will share actionable ways to embrace life’s most difficult challenges as an intriguing divine invitation that you can meet with openness and curiosity — in a free video event.

You can register for Living From Grace in Challenging Times: Embrace Life’s Difficulties as your Divine Invitation, here!

During this powerful hour, you’ll:

  • Explore how to say YES to the divine invitation of life’s challenges by viewing them as something new that wants to emerge. Even when your ego so badly wants to resist
  • Understand the truth that lies beneath anger — and its ability to reveal clarity and strength
  • Learn why compassion is not “fixing” suffering, it’s meeting it. With a natural softness and kindness that emerges from the heart
  • Discover how to transform fear without bypassing it or getting caught up in the mindstream of negative emotions
  • Experience a guided healing chant, accompanied by Miranda on the harmonium. Unveiling exactly what’s limiting the flow of grace in your life, and help you re-connect to the limitless stream of inner nourishment.

Become a more graceful human being and serve our world in transition

Attending this complimentary online event can help you discover how grace is an incredibly practical guide for evolving out of anger, fear, and grief… and into your own most noble innate qualities.

Do join me for this rich and transformative hour with Miranda, who is internationally recognized for her depth of presence — and her refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details!!

In Living From Grace in Challenging Times: Embrace Life’s Difficulties as your Divine Invitation, you’ll discover how the practice of ego relaxation helps you surrender — which, paradoxically, requires great strength and courage.

Discover more and reserve your free space here!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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