Universal Healing Visualization

Universal Healing Visualization

The Universal Healing Visualization is a general visualization to heal your body at the source, that innate natural intelligence in all of us. Inspired by Dr. David Hamilton’s Quantum Field Healing, the visualization is designed to heal a specific part of the body that may be ailing you or for general full body health and wellness.

Leveraging the placebo effect, or more appropriately name the placebo mechanism, is extraordinarily powerful because what we see is belief itself shifts biology. The power of language, even the way in which you communicate something, can bring about a positive change.

You might be ready to change them.

In many ways the brain does not make a distinction between whether you’re doing something or whether you’re imagining doing the same thing. And that’s the power of visualization.

By conditioning ourselves, thru repetitive mental practice, we strengthen and reinforce our belief. If you can find a way of lifting this power in belief, of amplifying it, you can reach deeper into the body’s systems to deliver more powerful results.

Practice every single day, as often as you can.  After a short period (it could be three, four, five, six, seven, eight weeks, everyone is different) what happens is you have re-wiring the brain (called neuroplasticity) so that the body language is now a habit. And because the muscles are connected to the emotional circuits of the brain, the feeling an inner sense of worthiness and value is now a habit. It’s a fantastic way to build that feeling, inner sense of self love.

Everything is made of Energy and Vibration, Waves of Energy

By making a little shift in your mind,  it moves your mind from thinking that something is seemingly solid and permanent to perhaps something can change and can be healed. It’s that perception shift, that belief shift in people, which is very powerful.

The Universal Healing Visualization visualization can be effect for people suffering pain and for pain management. Many people report almost an immediate relief of symptoms of pain.

Add to Treatment Plan

The Universal Healing Visualization is a tool designed to work in conjunction with medical advise. There is great value in many drugs and treatment plans to treat illness, we encourage you to discuss using affirmative visualization in your treatment plan with your medical advisor.

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please refer to our Medical Disclaimer for additional details.

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