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Gratitude Seeds gift plant bowls are 4″ x 3″.

Made from renewable and sustainable rice hulls, the pots used for the Gratitude Seeds plant kits are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots.

Tests have shown that plants grow better in these pots than in traditional plastic pots due to their insulating design, which leads to thriving, healthy plants. The pots contain no wood or petroleum ingredients and do not deplete natural or edible resources. The pots will last five to ten years when used indoors.

PRICE: $ 12.95
Shipping/Handling: $ 0.00 per kit. Each kit ships separately.

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Biodegradable Performance

The pots will keep their shape and clean surface until the end of their functional life. Only after they have been discarded into a municipal compost or landfill facility will decomposition take place. They will break down into nutrient-rich organic matter with a PH value of 7.0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do they last?

  • The pots are designed to last up to five years outdoors, and longer indoors.

What are they made of?

  • The pots are primarily made from rice hulls, natural binding agents and organic pigments.

Do they work as well as plastic pots?

  • Tests show that most plants grow better and more vigorously in The pots.

Can I put them in my compost?

  • The pots are best disposed of in your local municipal compost program.

Can I plant them in the ground?

  • The pots are meant to be used above ground only.

Are they organic?

  • Although not certified organic they are ideal for organic plant production.

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