Live More Authentically & Infuse Your Relationships with More Love & Joy

Access Your Three Wisdom Centers

Celtic Shamanism, Qigong & the Enneagram

Do you have a particular way of tapping into your inner guidance?

You may have a stronger emotional — or heart sense — when it comes to decision making… Or, your mind may lead the way when you’re struggling with complex life choices… Maybe you often go with your gut, because it registers first when you’re approaching a new situation, and you’ve come to trust it.

Discovering how to “listen to” and integrate the wisdom of all three wisdom centers can enhance your personal life, your spiritual life, and all your relationships.

On Wednesday, January 22, author Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, the founder of MetaIntegral, will invite you to experience the profound clarity, increased feelings of love, and heightened self-empowerment you can access when you learn to tap into each of your wisdom centers and integrate their “whole-body” knowing.

You can register here for Access Your Three Wisdom Centers With Celtic Shamanism, Qigong & the Enneagram: How to Integrate Head, Heart & Hara to Cultivate More Clarity, Love & Authenticity.

During this mind-, heart-, and hara-expanding FREE online event you’ll discover:

  • A powerful integral approach to wholeness — for more clarity, compassion, and authenticity
  • Ancient and modern ways to tune into your 3 wisdom centers (head, heart, and hara or gut) to sync up and embody your “whole-body” knowing
  • The Enneagram’s sacred “architecture” within you as a gateway to greater self-awareness and more easeful, meaningful relationships
  • A glimpse into Qigong’s approach to integrating “the 3 treasures” or wisdom centers
  • A potent exercise to ground you into your 3 wisdom centers and help you access your inner guidance

Discover a powerful approach to wholeness that improves every area of your life

Sean will also share how your powerful wisdom centers can be accessed through the time-tested, diverse approaches taught by ancient wisdom traditions.

You may find, for instance, that the Enneagram helps you tune into your mind’s wisdom to decipher the personalities that cross your life path….

Or that the energetic nature of Qigong can help you cultivate a greater sense of your gut and whole-body knowing…

And that the nature-based, mysticism of Celtic shamanism may feed your heart’s clarity… especially when you’re needing to feel connected to the Earth or to the guidance available to us in spirit realms.

Sean is a global leader in the application of integrative thinking. He’s a prolific writer and editor and has published more than 30 articles and seven books that have helped thousands effectively deal with the complexities of life.

In Access Your Three Wisdom Centers With Celtic Shamanism, Qigong & the Enneagram: How to Integrate Head, Heart & Hara to Cultivate More Clarity, Love & Authenticity, Sean Esbjörn-Hargens will share quick and easy ways to tune into each of your wisdom centers — in the moment — so you can tap your integrated inner knowing throughout your busy day.


We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled… however, if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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