Gratitude Kids

Teaching children the power of Gratitude

Gratitude Kids

Gratitude Kids

Teaching children the power of Gratitude is so important and often not a part of daily life. This short video shares how simple a concept is. A good lesson for all of us actually.




Gratitude Kids

The Happiest people are the ones that…
Have an attitude of Gratitude

So what does that mean?

They are happy when…
The sun is shining.
When the rain is pouring.
When the wind is blowing.
And when the sky is snowing.

They are happy…
When they are exercising.
When they are singing.
When they are eating.
The list is endless.

These Grateful people are even happy when…
They clean their room?!?

How could this be true???

All I can say is try it!
And you will feel the same way too!


Try it with us.

Think of something that makes you blue,
and try and find something happy within you.

Having Gratitude
takes a lot of practice.


Once a day think of something
that you can be happy for,
and there will be more and more,
sooner or later.

Have a Happy Day!

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