Kindness is the Cure

The transformative power of kindness and how it can change our experience of the world from a place of fear, sadness and hopelessness to one of love, joy and meaning—individually and collectively.

Kindness is the Cure – A Call for Kindness | Cindy Grimes | TEDxOcala

With the advent of 24/7 news broadcasts and the desire to be up on all the latest news, people find themselves continually inundated with stories that show the worst of humanity. Let’s change that.

Cindy Grimes is the spiritual leader of OakBrook Center for Spiritual Living in Ocala, Florida. A lively and engaging presenter and workshop facilitator, Cindy uses real-life experiences, spiritual wisdom and humor to inspire audiences to transform their lives, workplaces and communities. She is passionate about kindness because she believes it’s the key to creating a world that works for everyone. Cindy holds a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from CSL School of Spiritual Leadership.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.



Three things you can do starting today:

  1. Become aware of the kindness that is happening all around you
  2. Be kind, anyone can be kind does it matter your race your religion doesn’t matter how old you are how much money you have
  3. Spread kindness, if you don’t want to tell people the stories of kindness that you’ve done because you’re not doing it for that pat on the back then talk about other people’s kindness

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