Holding a Healing Space with Dr. Tara Brach

[FREE WEBINAR WITH TARA BRACH] Holding a Healing Space: Integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy

Join renowned author and teacher Tara Brach in a 60-minute conversation, Holding a Healing Space – Integrating Meditation and Psychotherapy.In this conversation, Tara explores:> The rewards of bringing mindfulness practice into the therapeutic setting—for both the therapist and the client> The power of self-compassion> The critical role of mindfulness during traumatic times, and how mindfulness can support social transformation and the evolution of humanity> A guided “RAIN” meditation for embracing ourselves with loving attentionWATCH NOW >> https://bit.ly/MeditationandPsychotherapyWebinar

Posted by Sounds True on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Explore the Critical Role of Mindfulness During Traumatic Times

In this free video, Dr. Tara Brach explores how mindfulness practices can transform the way we relate to others.

What’s the source of the divisiveness we see in our culture today?

For therapists and helping professionals. It’s clear that there’s more to the story than the events we see in our newsfeed. The way we become reactive and emotionally triggered is a deep part of our neurobiology. It’s built into our makeup by evolution.

So how do we teach our clients to overcome behavioral patterns that are millions of years old?

Dr. Tara Brach is one of the most prominent and respected experts in using mindfulness practices.  Helping therapists address these very challenges. In this brand-new webinar, Holding a Healing Space, she explores this question – along with many other ways meditation and psychotherapy can work in tandem.

Receive a guided “RAIN” meditation for embracing ourselves with loving attention creating a Healing Space

Our human tendencies to stereotype, think in tribal terms, and see others as the enemy create difficult hurdles to overcome. The problems are amplified by the way our media-driven culture has learned very effective ways of psychologically triggering fear, anxiety, and addictive behavior in order to make money.

That’s why, more than ever, therapists and helping professionals need tools to counteract this constant inflammation of the nervous system. Mindfulness practices are powerful medicine for these challenges. As Tara explains in this webinar, the practices she teaches are self-empowering, proven effective – and the side effects include more openness, empathy, and an expansive connection to life.

We hope you tune in to Holding a Healing Space to learn more about the way mindfulness and meditation can support therapeutic work.

Meditation and Psychotherapy

An Online Training Course for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice

Tara Brach is your guide in this in-depth program for mental health professionals and their clients. Also for anyone interested in using the core techniques, practices, and insights from Buddhist psychology for emotional healing and greater awareness.

Includes two live Q&A sessions with Tara.
We begin August 17, 2020.


Tara Brach, PhD, has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading workshops and meditation retreats at centers throughout North America and Europe. She has a PhD in clinical psychology,is the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW), and the author of Radical Acceptance (2003) and True Refuge (2013). Tara’s weekly podcasts of talks and meditations are downloaded over a million times each month


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