HEAL Summit Day 6: Healing Your Spirit

Today, during Day 6 of the HEAL Summit, you’ll learn how to Heal Your Spirit.

In today’s lessons, you’ll find out how to create spiritual immunity to lower frequencies with Michael Bernard Beckwith, the “bulletproof vest” that can protect you from disease with Lynne McTaggart, and a 5-minute practice that will create miracles in your life with YogaSalt founder Tamal Dodge.

You have 24 hours to watch these talks FREE, so start now. They expire tomorrow, October 29 at 4:00 PM PT .

Day 3: Healing Your Spirit

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Declaring the Health You Want to Experience
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Michael Bernard Beckwith understands that the art of becoming your true, authentic self requires releasing all the feelings you’ve pushed down. He shares how you can do this in a safe and healthy way in his inspiring lesson, Declaring the Health You Want to Experience.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create spiritual immunity to lower frequencies.
  • The three main causes of disease—they’re not what you think!
  • The four windows of manifestation—and how to use them to create an amazing life for yourself.
  • An important distinction between diagnosis and prognosis. How the simple art of asking yourself the right questions (and what those are) can help you create inner peace.

The Extraordiary Healing Power of Group Intention
Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart teaches you how to find and create intentional group experiences that can cause miraculous healing for yourself, someone else, or the planet—in her lesson, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Group Intention.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The “bulletproof vest” that helps you stay healthy during flu season and beyond.
  • Easily followable steps to help you activate bliss and ecstatic awareness.
  • The two things you must do if you want your intentions to manifest.
  • Three environmental toxins you must remove if you want to experience total-body healing.

Using Yoga to Remove Roadblocks in Your Healing Journey
Tamal Dodge

Tamal Dodge’s childhood gifted him the ability to bring spirit into everything—including how to heal. He teaches you repeatable steps to create bliss, emotional wellness, and physical health in his lesson, Using Yoga to Remove the Roadblocks on Your Healing Journey.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A proven method to make your yoga practice feel more spiritual and fulfilling.
  • The simple, 5-minute practice that will trigger a cascade of positive experiences in your life.
  • Secret yogic steps to easily meditate for longer, without the pressure to do something else.
  • The surprising root of chronic illness in otherwise healthy people.
  • A simple yoga practice you can do from anywhere—even your bed.

Regenerate New Cells and Boost Your Immunity Naturally
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.’s incredible lesson is back by popular demand! His scientific expertise blends perfectly with his knowledge of the quantum realms. You’ll find out why your body feels sick and how to elevate your immunity to a new level in this lesson.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How you can change your genes and reprogram your body to be healthier than you ever thought possible.
    • Steps to end the self-sabotage cycle and finally create the nourishing healthy habits you want.
    • Why the honeymoon effect doesn’t have to be temporary, and how to use it to create abundant energy, robust health and heartfelt bliss for life.
    • The step-by-step process your brain uses to turn thoughts into energy—and how to use it to get more done.

*Unlike the other HEAL lessons, Bruce’s lesson is available each day of the HEAL Summit, October 23-29

This Lesson Repeats Daily!

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