Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

A Self-help Success Manual – How to achieve financial and spiritual riches.

“Anything your mind can conceive and believe – you can achieve.” That is the philosophy of Napoleon Hill, author of the worlds #1 motivational book – “Think and Grow Rich”!

Success is not an accident – it’s a habit!  “Think and Grow Rich” is where that habit begins!

Think and Grow Rich Steps to Success:

  1. Desire: focusing the forces within you toward victory!
  2. Faith: creating the self-confidence indispensable to happiness and success!
  3. Autosuggestion: directing your subconscious drive toward prosperity!
  4. Specialized Knowledge: defining your action plans to achieve your goals!
  5. Imagination: the powerful catalyst of success!
  6. Organized Planning: the secrets of successful leadership!
  7. Decision: effective action in every part of your life!
  8. Persistence: when the going gets tough, you’ll get going!
  9. Power of the Master Mind: the invisible force that is your road to lifelong power!
  10. Energy Channeling: tapping a vast reserve of vital energy as a source of wealth and happiness!
  11. The Subconscious Mind: harnessing the positive emotions that point you to success!
  12. The Brain: ten trillion tiny servants – every cell in your brain – work to make you money!
  13. The Sixth Sense: flooding your world with dynamism through your inspirations and hunches!

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    About the Author

    Napoleon Hill

    Napoleon Hill

    Born in poverty, Napoleon Hill rose to become one of the world’s most distinguished and respected authors. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie, he became a confidant and advisory to businessmen and Presidents. Hill counted among his associates Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and hundreds of other worlds leaders.

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