Follow Your Heart: Dancing To Be Felt Not Seen

Have you put something off that you have always wanted to do and then reached an age or point in your life when you felt it was too late? Dr. Northrup started dancing Argentine Tango in her 50’s and has become healthier and more flexible! Here she talks about how you can too — and why you should!


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Follow Your Heart: Dancing To Be Felt Not Seen

Hi I’m Dr. Christiane Northrup an Ob/GYN physician and authority on everything that can go right with your body and with your health and how to use this knowledge to transform your life your health and truly flourish.

So i started Argentine Tango in my fifties. Have you ever learned something about yourself by starting something new, that you didn’t expect.

order-making-life-easyWell I’d always wanted to dance and I want you as I’m speaking to think about something you’ve always wanted to do and you thought you’d put it off till later. And then that 50th birthday rolls around and you start to see your friends developing diseases and maybe your parents have become elderly and they’re not doing the things that they always wanted to do.

Well anyway for me that was dancing. At first I thought I’d go to ballroom and then I saw someone dance Argentine Tango across the picture window of main ballroom, ance on a snowy night and Portland Maine and I said oh that’s it.

That’s how you know by the way that it’s your thing. Your heart just goes oh that’s it.

Usually then your mind kicks in you can’t do that if you don’t have a partner and when would you find the time and whatever else.

So I want you to say to that left hemisphere of yours, thank you for sharing but my heart has other ideas.

Now what I learned from tango was that I could grow more flexible. That my balance could be better. That I could experience 2 or 3 minutes of absolute bliss in the arms of a man I’d never met before. Who didn’t even speak English and have, a you know, four-minute affair. And then have it end and leave the dance floor the evening which only cost me five dollars floating on air.

I’ve also learned something else about partner dancing. It is better than golf, better than any other exercise better than anything at preventing dementia.

Why would that be?

Because you are heart-to-heart with another person that makes you extraordinarily vulnerable but it does another thing. It in trains your
heart and his heart or her heart, because we have women who dance both roles, leader follower. And there’s something about it that is life-changing.

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It is the kind of intimacy and pleasure we all need.

It’s inexpensive I don’t do that competition thing it’s just a social dance and it’s something I recommend.

But maybe your thing is horses, maybe it’s tennis, maybe its travel, maybe it’s learning another language.

Or as a former surgeon said to me I always wanted to keep bees and when I got the box of bees it was like reiki on steroids with them buzzing.

I want you to follow your heart. It’s incredibly good for your health.

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