Empower Yourself To Put Love Into Action During This Global Dark Night

Rebirth yourself during this evolutionary Global Dark Night

A dark night has descended on our world.

This global tumult could send us reeling backwards — or inspire us to take an evolutionary leap forward as we rethink what it is to be human.

The question before us is: How can we turn this time of crisis into the birthing period for a new phase of human evolution that is built on peace, sustainability, justice, health, and shared prosperity?

On Wednesday, September 23, Andrew Harvey, a prolific author and one of the greatest scholars of the world’s mystical traditions, will explore the forces that conspired to initiate this global dark night, and how we can take clear, targeted action to move through it and create lasting, meaningful change.

You can register for Experience Renewal Through the ‘Global Dark Night’: Finding Your Purpose & Strength by Embracing the Mystical Meaning Behind the Crisis, here!
In this special free 60-minute event, you’ll discover that:

  • Chaos can serve as the birthing ground for a new order
  • Anxiety and inner angst can be calmed from the inside out — so you can find peace of mind and feel lighter, more reflective, and open to the renewal of your spirit
  • The death of Illusion will lead to the discovery of what remains real, enabling us to transcend worldly limitations and access the wisdom of the Divine
  • Helplessness can redirect us from the usual sources we typically rely on to the one true source of help: divine energy and truth
  • Paralysis, the sense that all possible solutions are inadequate, can make us more open to divine guidance — and the brilliantly creative solutions that had been beyond the grasp of our limited consciousness

Discover how we can create a world built on peace, justice, health, and prosperity

Andrew will share how his own “dark night” experienced over a 10-year period gave him direct insight into what was likely to occur during this evolutionary crisis. His urgent message is that we need to radically transform ourselves into a new kind of human being.

When we align ourselves with the deepest divine truth, we empower ourselves to put love into action; then, one by one, each of us can contribute to righting the world and moving beyond this dark time.

This path to transfiguration, the hidden core of Christianity, the Kabbalah, Shaivism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and other traditions, is what’s possible for the human race if we open ourselves up to its secret revelations.

You can RSVP for free here!

In Experience Renewal Through the ‘Global Dark Night’: Finding Your Purpose & Strength by Embracing the Mystical Meaning Behind the Crisis, you’ll discover how to rebirth yourself during this evolutionary moment by aligning with mystical hidden truths that will provide you with understanding and resilience in the days to come.

Register now and even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay later.

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