Embark on a Shamanic Journey

Becoming a Visionseeker with Hank Wesselman
Free Online Event
Wednesday, November 28

Embark on a shamanic journey to the future to see through the eyes of a Vision-seeker

Who are you at your core? What do you truly desire from life? And are the answers to those questions authentically reflected in the way you show up in your daily life?

Knowing and living those answers is the authentic ground at the core of the Visionseeker — an inspired visionary (also known as a shaman) who can achieve alternate states of consciousness to create a healing bridge between the ordinary world and the spiritual realm.

It is your birthright to walk this path, standing true in who you are and bringing the healing gifts from the spirit world across space and time… for your communities, your loved ones, and yourself.

Yet, to become a Visionseeker, you must first know your authentic self — including your unique life’s journey designated by your three souls, as well as your birth responsibilities.

Walk the path of the shaman, bringing healing gifts from the spirit world

On Wednesday, November 28, shamanism teacher and anthropologist Hank Wesselman will share fascinating shamanic insights and practices that can help you start to step into your place in the world as a true visionary and healer.

Register here for Becoming a Visionseeker: Shamanic Exploration of Your 3 Souls for Deeper Self Knowing, Guidance & Healing:

During this FREE video event with Hank, you’ll discover:

  • You have 3 souls — a Spirit Soul, Physical Soul, and Mental Soul — which you can align and co-create with in your daily life
  • Why many modern shamanic initiations don’t work — and the key to experiencing authentic initiations for healing and transformation
  • The nature of your birthrights and that you have birth responsibilities as well
  • Fascinating insights into the healing possibilities available in journeying to ancestral grounds
  • A Spirit Canoe Journey to the Star Ancestors, a shamanic journey into the future to see if you can be of service to a descendent

This is your chance to receive a glimpse of the shamanic path that could hold a missing piece for you, enabling you to step into your authentic Self — and embody and express the Visionseeker within.

Expect a fascinating hour filled with possibilities for your healing and spiritual growth. Hank is simply brilliant!

Hank wrote the critically acclaimed Spiritwalker trilogy and The Bowl of Light, as well as Awakening to the Spirit World with Sandra Ingerman. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear him share practices and principles that can help you align and co-create with your 3 souls — so you can more deeply embody your authentic Self and open to your birthright as a visionary and healer.

Register here for this FREE video event: Becoming a Visionseeker: Shamanic Exploration of Your 3 Souls for Deeper Self Knowing, Guidance & Healing.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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