Discover the True Nature of Grace

Enjoy an opportunity to learn from one of the most respected spiritual teachers of our time with this free gift

Ever feel like life is working against you?

Your car breaks down in traffic.

Someone trolled your well-crafted post on social media.

Your partner left their dishes in the sink…again.

Any of these can cause frustration not only with other people, but with the universe itself. But what if you stop focusing on the challenges and instead, notice the thousands of ways that life serves and uplifts you every day?

In Falling into Grace, one of his most renowned and best-selling works, Adyashanti explains how you can come to appreciate and cherish these moments of synchronicity. For a limited time, we’re pleased to offer a free audio teaching from Falling into Grace.

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With Adyashanti’s guidance, we hope you will discover for yourself just how full of grace life really is!

We have some exciting things in store with Adyashanti. Get your free teaching today and be the first one to learn about our upcoming journey!

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