Gratitude Bowl Gift Kit Offer 20% Off Your Purchase

Hypoestes Splash Mix Gift Plant Kit – red, white and pink with green leaves

Splash Gratitude Seed Plant

Gratitude Seed Plant at about 6 months of growth.

Send a thank you, express your friendship, acknowledge the birth of a child, commemorate a milestone birthday or anniversary, or remember a beloved friend or family member’s passing in a thoughtful and unique way. Gratitude Seeds™ are the finest gift plant seed kits.

Our Gift Plant kits provide everything you need to grow a house plant from seed. Each kit is easy to use, designed to be “add water only” and grown in a sunny window.

Each gift kit includes:

  • Gratitude greeting card. Cards can be previewed in the Card Gallery in to the right.
  • Organic soil
  • Biodegradable container with saucer
  • Plant seeds
  • Growing instructions and details about the house plant and its benefitBowls Image

PRICE: $ 12.95 $ 10.35 (20% off)
Shipping/Handling: $ 6.95 per kit. Each kit ships separately.


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dd a personalized gift note when you check out!

Gratitude Seeds gift vases are environmentally friendly in the following ways:

  • Biodegradable for sustainable gardening
  • Minimal recyclable packaging and materials
  • Organic soil

Thank You Gift Card

Thank You, Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Danke, ευχαριστώ , Mahalo, Toda, Arigatô, Gratias ago, Takk, Dziękuję, Спасибо, Obrigado, Obrigada, Tack, Diolch, Chokrane, Wado, Tak, Dank u wel, Kiitos…

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