Connect to the Divine Feminine to Transform Your Life

Befriend Your Flaws and Love Your Shadow Self into Wholeness of the Divine Feminine

Have you found yourself feeling unfulfilled in subtle ways… perhaps sensing that something rich, untamed, and multidimensional is being left out of the equation?

You’re not alone. A true connection to the Divine Feminine has been missing for so many of us…

The truth is, for the last few millennia, virtually everything we’ve come to think of as a spiritual practice has been designed by and for masculine consciousness and masculine bodies.

Thankfully, times are changing, and now more than ever, it’s time for the Feminine to take her rightful place of equality in the world.

Renowned author, priestess, and unconventional initiator Ariel Spilsbury, the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, will help you discover how to move away from the masculine approach of fixing your “flaws”. Instead balance out your energy with the feminine approach of befriending your flaws and loving your shadow self into wholeness.

You can register for Love Your Shadow Side Into Wholeness Through Feminine Alchemy, here:

During this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Embrace all of your Self in a field of self-love
  • Discover the true meaning of the shadow — your perceived “flaws” and blocks that appear to be holding you back from true spiritual awakening. How they actually serve a powerful purpose during this worldwide alchemical Dark Night of the Soul
  • Explore 3 powerful examples of how masculine and feminine perspectives diverge. The masciline vs. feminine approach to meditation, time management, and your sense of multidimensionality
  • Move through a transformative guided exercise to help balance the masculine and feminine within you as you gather information about your left brain and right brain. What you discover might surprise you
  • Receive a meditation to enter your inner heart, identifying anything that’s keeping you off-balance. Create an energetic alchemical crucible to burn it away

Love your shadow side into wholeness through Feminine Alchemy

Now is the time to reclaim the full spectrum of your divinity — and savor the wholeness that is your ultimate birthright.

Ariel will walk you through the first steps to balancing out our culture’s default masculine teachings with a divine feminine sensibility… so you can feel brighter, freer to express who you are, and more tuned in to your gifts.

You can RSVP for free here!

In Love Your Shadow Side Into Wholeness Through Feminine Alchemy, you’ll begin to shed millennia of masculine conditioning — and rediscover the depths, magic, and sacred irreverence of the Goddess in all her splendor.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled… however, if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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