Bee Humble Bee Kind Bee Loving All The Time

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Bee Humble Bee Kind Bee Loving Decorative Garden Flag

At Flags Galore we believe that quality should never be a compromise. All our iconic flags are made from 2 panels of heavy duty soft polyester with a sun block backing on the inside of each panel. Silky soft, and shockingly durable, the sun block backing keeps light from shining through the flag and washing out the elegant design on each side. Your durable all weather flag will always show vibrant colors and tones on both sides.

Our flags are neatly double stitched around the entire perimeter, in the corners, and at the ends of the sewn in rod sleeve so that your flag will withstand the test of time.

Each flag is Double Sided so that the message is readable from BOTH sides. Through dye sublimation printing, Flags Galore flags are hands down gorgeous. The bright colors and rich tones are simply not possible using ordinary printing techniques.

The genius 2-ply design is substatial and tailor-made to anchor your flag to the stand, but delicate enough to wave gracefully in the breeze.

Designed to fit most standard garden poles, our garden flags measure approximately 12″ x 18″ inches and they are machine washable.

Flags Galore primium quality flags and banners make great gifts for the deck, porch, or veranda. Charming and artistically designed to make that perfect presentation in your backyard, lawn or garden.

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