Attracting the Love of Your Life: Becoming Irresistible

Remember that in this present moment all relationships are reflections of how you treat yourself.


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Attracting the Love of Your Life: Becoming Irresistible

Almost all fairy tales and with the words and they lived happily ever after.

This is the completion we all long for. Little girls brought up on stories of, princesses and mermaids dream of the day when they too will be chosen and completed by their own Prince Charming.

This powerful yearning, this longing to be seen and cherished can, at the best of times, be a force of passion and ecstasy. But as we know all too well it can just as easily bring us to our knees in unrelenting despair and exquisite agony.

But you must know by now that you are resilient and resourceful beyond measure. And once you learn to identify and harness the energy of this longing to name it for what it really is, you are on your way to help to wholeness and yes to true love.

You begin this journey like all journeys with a single step. Not into the unknown but this time into yourself when you remember that in this present moment all relationships are reflections of how you treat yourself.

When you embrace the wounds of the past and heal the broken heart of your inner child and when you surrender to the promise of your future, your interval of it becomes absolutely and undeniably irresistible not only to yourself but to those around you and to the energies of the universe.

Once you are open to receiving the love that is truly yours all that’s left to do is accept and embrace the love you desire, and deserve, and celebrate.

This is Dr. Christian Northrop wishing of passionate love, joyous life and a happy Valentine’s Day.

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