Answer the Call for Racial Justice and Healing

Engage in the Powerful Movement for Racial Justice and Healing

The outcry for allyship in transforming racism, right now, is not only deep, loud, and reverberating — it’s finally being heard.

Often, in conversations about racism, people remain silent because we’re afraid — afraid of making mistakes that might uncover our unconscious biases… afraid of offending people…  of getting caught not knowing what we don’t know… afraid of being accused…

Yet, the burgeoning passion to be a true ally — to be part of the force creating significant and enduring change — is growing stronger by the day.

If you recognize this longing in yourself and are ready and willing to answer the call, you’re invited to join Dereca Blackmon — a remarkably engaging speaker, trainer, facilitator, and national expert on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion — as she explores what it means to be a spiritual ally.

On Saturday, August 8, Dereca will introduce core concepts of privilege, social identity, and sacred spaces to grow as a foundation for us to build awareness of our own orientation and racial biases — and understand how they show up in the world.

You can register for The Path to Spiritual Allyship: A Courageous, Compassionate & Sacred Approach to Dismantling Racism, here.

During this potent and experiential hour, we’ll:

  • Be led in a libation — a prayer in the African tradition to call in the ancestors
  • Explore our fear of making “mistakes” or saying something “wrong”… and how it may prevent us from having an inclusive mindset
  • Look at our social identities and how they relate to our level of privilege
  • Participate in a process to determine what kind of spaces will advance and support our learning — leaning into discomfort as an opportunity for growth
  • Start to feel empowered to be an active ally

Step Up and Take Thoughtful Action to Help End Systemic Racism

Whether you wish to become better educated about the systemic nature of racism and what that really means… or you want to explore your privilege, learn how to speak more emphatically around racial issues, or take a more active role in dismantling the systems that perpetuate racial oppression …

… Dereca will compassionately, and passionately, help expose the truths we need to see, so we can move forward from a brave place.

You can RSVP for free here!

In The Path to Spiritual Allyship: A Courageous, Compassionate & Sacred Approach to Dismantling Racism, you’ll begin your journey to becoming the ally you want to be in ending racial injustice… by bravely exploring your unconscious biases, privilege, and social identities, and navigating your fear of making mistakes.

Register now and even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a downloadable replay later.

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