The Art of Allowing

Affirmations from the book Pocket Guide to Riches written by Susie Greene

Everything to fulfill your experience is present when you have NO LIMITATIONS on receiving it!
– Susie Greene –
April 2, 1958 – December 5, 2017

Affirmations – The Art of Allowing

Based on the book Pocket Guide to Riches
A formula to create money on a regular bases
Written by Susie Greene

Chapter 3
The Art of Allowing

I now allow in all of my good. Money flows to me from multiple channels of the Universe.

I accept that money flows to me freely and easily, and I allow it to happen.

I have complete faith and trust in this invisible, unfailing, all providing, Substance. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.

Today I release all fear, worry and concern of my financial affairs and allow Substance to fill every space in rich, appropriate form.

I have NO limitations on receiving money! I accept it now and am deeply grateful for it!

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