Reconnect to Your Restorative Creative Energies

Discover how to weave the threads of your own creative energies to create more balance

Our creative energy is expansive, regenerative, and restorative. When we allow it to flow, it returns more energy than we expend…. and there’s never been a more crucial time to embody its power.

This life-giving, healing force — an essential part of you — is available to you right now…

This energy can help you shift your circumstances in any situation, transform feelings of overwhelm and fear, and alleviate symptoms of physical dis-ease.

Yet, to access this powerful creative energy, you need to learn how to strike an energetic balance within and around you… which can be challenging with the current pandemic and state of the natural world.

These disharmonies, however, directly reflect Nature’s imbalance of creative and destructive energies.

On Wednesday, June 3, globally revered shamanism teacher and author Evelyn Rysdyk will help you tap into the archetypal energies of an ancient Norse dragon-shaman and mythological Giantesses of manifestation to activate your own innate destructor-creator balancing capabilities.

You can register for Activate the Creative Energies of Norse Dragon-Shaman Ormhäxan: Shamanic Practices to Restore Emotional and Physical Balance & Wellbeing in Times of Chaos, here:

During this fascinating 60 minutes with Evelyn, you’ll:

  • Discover the life-giving creative energy within you — and all the cosmos — which can be accessed to harmonize physical and emotional imbalances
  • Explore your regeneration powers through Ormhäxan, an ancient Norse dragon-shaman and archetype of nature’s destruction-creation cycles
  • Discover mythology as powerful ancient wisdom passed down through time to help us solve today’s challenges
  • Learn the myth of Norse Giantesses Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld, masterful weavers of reality who hold age-old wisdom for finding peace amidst chaos
  • Discover how accessing your creative energy makes you feel stronger, more balanced, and alive — and radiates healing energy into the collective
  • Experience a guided journey to connect with Gefjon, a Norse Goddess of fertility known as “The Giving One,” and receive healing energies to address a current life challenge

Discover how to access the life-giving, healing force of the Cosmos

Attending this complimentary online event can help you reconnect with the restorative creative force within and around you. You’ll discover how increasing your inherent creative energy can provide healing for you — and for the planet.

Do join me for this rich and transformative hour with one of the most renowned teachers of shamanism. It’s free, but you must register here to receive access details.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the restorative creative energies of the Cosmos, accessed by shamans and alive in mythology’s Giantesses, for harmonizing your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Discover more and reserve your free space here for Activate the Creative Energies of Norse Dragon-Shaman Ormhäxan: Shamanic Practices to Restore Emotional and Physical Balance & Wellbeing in Times of Chaos.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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The Shift Network aim’s to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

We hold a vision where everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace. The very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Our intention is to share the very best in personal and societal transformation. So that together we’re shifting the way we do things on this planet. Step by step we are creating a beautiful world that works for all.

A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.

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Mindfulness Is a Superpower

Practicing mindfulness is one of the single most powerful things you can do for your wellbeing.

Mindfulness is a Superpower Transcript

You may have heard this word mindfulness, it’s become something of a buzz phrase of late.

I’m going to give you one simple serviceable definition which is this: mindfulness is the ability to know what’s happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it.

Imagine how useful this could be. Just as an example, you’re driving down the road, and someone cuts you off in traffic. How do you normally react?

I think most of us normally react by having a thought, which is, “I’m pissed”. And then what happens next?

You immediately, habitually, reflexively inhabit that thought. You actually become pissed!

There’s no buffer between the stimulus and your reaction. With just a little bit of mindfulness in that same situation, you might notice, “my chest is buzzing, my ears are turning red, I’m having a starburst of self-righteous thoughts, I’m getting angry.”

But you don’t necessarily have to act on it and chase that person down the road screaming at them with your kids in the back of your car thinking you’ve gone nuts.

Now you might be thinking, “don’t I need to get angry sometimes? Aren’t I justified?” I would say yes, but probably not as much as you think.

The proposition here is not that you should be rendered by mindfulness into some lifeless, nonjudgmental blob. The proposition is that you should learn how to respond wisely to things that happen to you, rather than just reacting blindly.

And that, my friends, is a superpower. How do you get it? The way to get it is through meditation.

I believe that meditation and mindfulness are the next big public health revolution.

In the 1940s if you told someone you were going running they would’ve said “Who’s chasing you?” but then what happened next?

The scientists swooped in, they showed that physical exercise is really good for you, and now all of us do it, and if we don’t, we feel guilty about it. And that’s where I think we’re headed with mindfulness and meditation.

It’s going to join the pantheon of no brainers like brushing your teeth, eating well and taking the meds your doctor prescribed for you. Let me just close by saying mindfulness is not going to solve all your problems, it’s not going to render your life a nonstop of parade of unicorns and rainbows.

Nonetheless this is a superpower, and one that is accessible by you, immediately.

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Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

These two words – Letting Go – are very easy to say but can be challenging to actually do. Some of the things we might be trying to let go include:

  1. Past Events or Behaviors
  2. Fear
  3. Anger
  4. Desire
  5. Grief

lettingn-go-audio140 Letting Go describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. During the many decades of the author’s clinical psychiatric practice, the primary aim was to seek the most effective ways to relieve human suffering in all of its many forms. The inner mechanism of surrender was found to be of great practical benefit and is described in this book.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.Lao Tzu

Some benefits to letting things, related to the above list, go in your life are: happiness, success, health, well-being, intuition, unconditional love, beauty, inner peace and creativity.

Many of us think the key to happiness and success results from hard work, discipline and commitment, when in reality, many times the secret is surrendering and letting go to reach your goals.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Here is a brief video of Dr David R. Hawkins giving a A Lesson on Surrender. When asked to describe surrender to a three year old so that they know they are doing it right his response: “Quit trying.”

About the Author:

david-hawkins Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, and mystic. Author of more than eight books, including the bestseller Power vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins’s work has been translated into more than 17 languages.

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