Healing Practices To Release the Unconscious Wounding That’s Been Limiting You


Heal Shame & Fear in Your Energy Body as an Intuitive or Empath

Embrace the self-love, authentic power, and infinite potential that are your birthright

As an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person, do you find yourself experiencing persistent anxiety, worry, and stress?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own body, and look to others for validation and approval of who you are?

When deep-rooted fear and shame are woven into your daily thoughts and actions, it’s impossible to experience true fulfillment, self-love, and authentic power — and to bless the world with the full measure of your unique gifts.

Yet, these self-limiting thoughts likely didn’t originate with anything you did…

These ever-present feelings of fear and shame are often embedded in your spiritual DNA — from your childhood experiences, past lifetimes, and even your family lineage.

As an empath or intuitive, you’re more sensitive to this inherited shame and fear — and to the shame and fear carried by others.

Yet, because of your sensitivity, you’re also able to use your gifts to heal and transform these imprints — in yourself and others.

Discover how to use the gift of your sensitivity to heal deep-rooted shame and fear…

On Saturday, January 18, join intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa in a powerful online event: Heal Shame & Fear in Your Energy Body as an Intuitive or Empath: How to Clear Energetic & Emotional Imprints in Your Spiritual DNA.

Wendy will guide you to begin healing the shame in your lower chakras through a guided practice to release unconscious wounding and ground deeply into your authentic power.

During this free mini-workshop, you’ll also:

  • Explore how fear and shame are embedded into the original blueprint of your spiritual DNA — along with trusting the innate wisdom of the Divine, and the unfolding mystery of life
  • Understand how intuitives and empaths experience a greater sensitivity to inherited shame — and how this impacts boundaries, belonging, and access to intuition
  • Discover the many ways shame creates anxiety, stress, and illness in your body
    Learn how embedded shame and fear are contributing to your scarcity mindset
  • Explore how inherited and cultural imprints from your lineages are wired into your spiritual DNA

You’ve needlessly suffered for too long…

The suppression of your true and infinite self has tricked you into believing you’re somehow inadequate… and that there’s something wrong with you…

When really, there’s something wrong with the system we’ve come to accept…

Saturday’s deeply affirming online event with intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa promises to give you a deeper understanding of who you really are…

This is your invitation to go deep within to discover your spiritual DNA — and transform the shame and fear you’ve been holding onto for far too long.

If you’re an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person, please don’t miss this potentially life-changing hour to heal shame and fear in your energy body — and clear energetic and emotional imprints in your spiritual DNA.

The healing begins Saturday. It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to RSVP here.

I hope you’re able to attend the event as scheduled… but if you register and miss it, this special hour with Wendy is so impactful that you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.


The Shift Network aim’s to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

We hold a vision where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace, but the very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Our intention is to share the very best in personal and societal transformation, so that together, step by step, we’re shifting the way we do things on this planet and creating a beautiful world that works for all.

A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.


In this Time of Thanksgiving Use Gratitude to Manage Stress


A meditation using Gratitude as a tool to help us better manage stress. Feelings of thankfulness have tremendous positive value in helping us cope with daily problems, especially stress. When we are in pain and are suffering, it is important to find what gives us joy and pleasure, to seek out the positive in life.

Images by: Pixabay
Music by: https://www.purple-planet.com

Gratitude Meditation

In this meditation we use Gratitude as a tool to help us better manage stress. Feelings of thankfulness have tremendous positive value in helping us cope with daily problems, especially stress.

When we are in pain and are suffering, it is important to find what gives us joy and pleasure, to seek out the positive in life.

Before You Begin

Be sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing, are in a quiet room where the temperature is cozy.

Sit or lie in a comfortable chair, couch, or bed. Wherever you are most comfortable.

In This Moment Right Now

Take in the experience of this present moment in its fullness. Let gratitude flow. Allow it to well up from your heart and sense the healing feel of it. Turn on the faucet of gratefulness.

A Simple Challenge

As you progress through your day, try this simple challenge: Try to notice what draws your awareness out of a moment of joy. It is these impulses and thoughts that are key to understanding the stressors in your life.

By identifying these impulses and thoughts you can practice minimizing their impact and extend the joy and pleasures in your life.

Sounds True was founded in 1985 by Tami Simon with a clear mission: to disseminate spiritual wisdom.

In more than three decades of growth, change, and evolution, Sounds True has maintained its focus on its overriding purpose, as summed up in our Mission Statement: To Wake Up the World

Access Consciousness offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now.

The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

The Shift Network aim’s to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

We hold a vision where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace, but the very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Our intention is to share the very best in personal and societal transformation, so that together, step by step, we’re shifting the way we do things on this planet and creating a beautiful world that works for all.

A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.

Philosophy: We’re passionate about transforming people’s lives, educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature.
Vision: To be a world leader of natural health and beauty, enabling people to live more healthily.
Mission:To improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.


Discover Daily Qigong Practices to release stress, amplify your life force & increase JOY!


Attend The Qigong Global Summit, a Free Online event from September 24-27, and join leading qigong teachers including Daisy Lee, Lee Holden, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Roger Jahnke, who will show you powerful practices to cultivate abundant qi flow for your health and healing.


Discover Qigong, Tia Chi, Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine

It’s time to take your health, healing, and wellbeing into your own hands…

Through simple yet powerful Qigong exercises, meditations, and flow movements, you can direct life-force energy (known as “Qi”) to specific parts of your body — transforming anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health.

As your body responds by doing what it’s designed to do (self-heal and rebalance), blocks in your energy body dissolve and your radiant Qi flows smoothly into every dimension of your being — emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

You’ll then be able to release stress, create a sense of flow, and ground your body and being… so you can navigate daily life with greater ease

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join the Qigong Global Summit, where some of the foremost teachers in the field — including Daisy Lee, Lee Holden, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Master Mingtong Gu, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, Master Li Junfeng, Robert Peng, Pedram Shojai, Bill and Angie Douglas, Dr. Paul Hannah, and others…

… will share essential practices to help you elevate your flow of Qi for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Free Online Event
Qigong Global Summit
September 24-27, 2019

During this year’s Qigong Global Summit, 30+ leading Qigong teachers, masters, and doctors will provide insights into the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine — as well as how Qi is the foundation of all of these ancient arts, and more. 

Through high-quality video, they’ll illuminate both the philosophical and practical components of working with Qi — and offer simple practices you can use right away

You’ll discover how to activate your inner healing potential to release stress, and create a sense of flow and groundedness within the challenges of daily life. 

RSVP here for the Qigong Global Summit — at no charge

During this inspiring 4-day summit, you’ll discover:

  • Introductory Qigong exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to help you manage stress and anxiety in your daily life
  • How to add Qigong to other practices, such as yoga, acupuncture, and Tai Chi to bring yourself (and your clients!) into harmony, balance, and optimal wellbeing
  • Ways to tune into your body’s subtle distress signals before your health is compromised and becomes a crisis
  • How to enhance your relationships with yourself and others from a place of grounded clarity and self-confidence
  • Helpful breathing exercises and meditations to boost your health
  • Serious scientific research proving that Qigong and Tai Chi are effective complements to allopathic medicine
  • Ways to experience, circulate, and build your life-force energy

And much more!

You’ll pick up simple yet essential daily practices to help you cultivate abundant Qi flow for your health, healing, and daily life. And, these practices can be done anywhere, anytime — including your workplace, while running errands, or even in traffic (provided you’re not driving, of course)! 

And if you’re already experiencing the benefits of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine, you’ll discover new opportunities to refine your current practice. 

I hope you’ll participate in this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network. It promises to be truly transformative!

RSVP here for the Qigong Global Summit — at no charge.

Essential Daily Qigong Practices to Activate Healing

Here are some more highlights from this groundbreaking summit! You’ll discover:

  • How to integrate these teachings on Qi into your healing practices 
  • Qigong practices for women to help you find your voice and lead from your true feminine center
  • How in the Taoist tradition, emotions are connected to your major internal organs
  • Practices for liberating the emotional body from trauma — emotional, mental, and physical
  • How to work with energetic blocks, excess, and deficiencies
  • Helpful breathing exercises to strengthen your immune system and balance your hormones
  • Qigong as an antidote to the stress caused by the conflicts we face in our world today

RSVP here for the Qigong Global Summit — at no charge.


Practices to Heal Your Body, Nourish Your Spirit & Empower You Daily


Discover a Powerful Qigong Practice for Women

Are you ready to harness your body’s innate healing ability this year — and finally dissolve stress, clear energy blocks, and improve your overall wellbeing?

Essential Qigong practices have helped thousands of women worldwide to reclaim their radiant health and wellbeing.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a free video event on Saturday, January 12, with renowned Qigong teacher and author Daisy Lee: Deepening Into the Radiant Lotus Qigong Path for Women: Essential Practices for Greater Self-Healing, Wisdom & Grace.

You can reserve your complimentary space here!

Daisy Lee’s Radiant Lotus Qigong Practice for Women offers dynamic (yet gentle) techniques to facilitate your healing and self-care…

During this one-hour special video event with Daisy, you’ll discover:

  • How to integrate a unique set of essential Qigong practices into your daily life — to take your self-care to the next level
  • How to deepen your connection to the Earth and the elements to “lighten your load,” release old patterns of relating to others, and align with your wisdom and soul’s desires
  • Lotus Rises Through The Water, a signature movement that helps you release past hurts, dissolve stress, and radiate your inner light and beauty
  • How Qigong can help you heal illness, prevent disease, and decompress built-up tensions in your body, mind, and spirit
  • Simple yet deep practices for standing in “neutral compassion” — even when you’re immersed in chaos or feeling disempowered

Qigong Movements for Healing & Balance with Daisy Lee

Whether you’re experiencing a health challenge and want to accelerate your healing or are longing to increase your energy, reduce stress, and improve your mental focus — Daisy’s Radiant Lotus Qigong Practice will help you find new levels of wellbeing and rediscover yourself in a whole new way.

It’s FREE to attend — simply register here

Practicing Qigong dissolves blockages in your Qi, enabling your full life-force energy to move smoothly and radiate out into all aspects of your life.

Don’t miss your chance to discover how you can actively participate in your self-care and renewal during this free video event: Deepening Into the Radiant Lotus Qigong Path for Women: Essential Practices for Greater Self-Healing, Wisdom & Grace.

Save your space here for this free video event!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Other Available Virtual Courses

The New Human Story

Human potential pioneer Gregg Braden will share the new science that exposes the limiting beliefs we’ve held about who we are and where we come from when he presents, The New Human Story: Awakening Your Evolutionary Potential for Self-healing, Longevity & Super-perception.

In this mind-expanding mini-workshop with Gregg, you’ll find out how these new scientific discoveries have the potential to change the way you think about yourself, your relationship to your body, to others, to the earth, and even to God.

The Ayurvedic Use of Essential Oils for Healing

The simple daily use of these oils can have a profoundly positive effect, bringing you more balance, harmony and vibrant health. 

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a complimentary virtual workshop with botanical medicine pioneer David Crow.

David is a brilliant teacher and one of the most respected botanical medicine pioneers in the world. There is perhaps no better guide for working with essential oils, as David unifies wisdom from many streams of healing practices.

Medicinal Plants & Spiritual Evolution

We’re used to thinking of plants as “things” rather than living, sentient beings that are connected in profound ways to the health of our bodies, minds and souls.

Plants affect our life force and connect us physically with the raw energy of the sun. The fascinating and powerful relationship between plants and spiritual evolution is the passion of Floracopeia founder David Crow, who is brilliant on this subject.

Goddesses in Everywoman with Jean Shinoda Bolen

When we unveil the archetypal energies present within us, we gain profound insights into how we can live more meaningful, authentic and joyous lives. We access more power, depth, and wisdom.

And now, you can go beyond the book and experience Jean’s revolutionary teachings during a complimentary virtual event: Goddesses in Everywoman: How Discovering Your Natural Archetype Can Liberate Your Full Expression.

Authentic Awakening with Thomas Huebl

Thomas’ teachings gently yet profoundly guide us to awaken to our enlightened awareness while simultaneously showing us how to live from this expanded presence in our everyday life.

That’s the kind of shift that has the power to heal, uplift and transform our world.

Thomas delivers presence, insight, transmission, innovative practices, transparent communication, awakened relationships and love.

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance & Healing

Through a practice called shamanic journeying, you can seek and receive this type of guidance and healing for yourself and others.

Sandra has been teaching shamanic journeying to seekers and practitioners for more than 30 years. Learning this powerful practice helps you gain greater clarity and insight into any number of life challenges, from medical issues to difficult family dynamics to imbalanced relationships –– even business and work struggles

Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Around the world, shamans have pioneered a more powerful, valuable and fascinating way to approach dreaming: seeing it as a time for transformation, healing and getting guidance from higher levels of reality.

These ancient practices have increasingly been validated by modern science, which has recognized the ability for us to gain full lucidity and self-awareness in the Dreamtime — opening the possibility for new adventures in consciousness.

Supercharge Your Chakras

You’ve probably heard a fair amount about chakra energy centers from yogis, healers and alternative health practitioners.

After nearly 40 years of study, personal practice and teaching, Anodea knows exactlywhat works (and what doesn’t). You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover her practices for aligning and activating your chakras so you can use them to energize and power every area of your life.

The Christ Path

If there was ever a time to honor the transcendent truth in every faith tradition and find within it the transformative power to move us towards global unity… NOW is that time!

During this powerful and illuminating workshop, Andrew will pull back the veil on the radical truths from the heart of the Christian tradition… truths that have been hidden from us for hundreds of years! He will shine the light on the path forward for each of us to more fully embody Christ consciousness, marry sacred masculine and feminine and nourish the divine child in each of us.

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A Practice to Help Heal Past Family Burdens


Discover ancestral medicine – a practice to help heal past family burdens for present-day blessings

No matter who we are, we all walk through life carrying the burdens and blessings of our ancestors within us.

Current research suggests that our very DNA can hold the traumas of our ancestors and even increase the likelihood that we’ll develop stress or anxiety disorders.

The good news is that there’s something you can do to help mitigate these inherited patterns AND to draw from the wisdom that’s available to you through your connection with your ancestors.

Psychotherapist and ancestral healing teacher Daniel Foor will introduce the practice of ancestral medicine — and show you how to connect with your ancestral family guides to transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings.

You can find out more about Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage and reserve your spot for FREE here.

During this powerful hour, you’ll:

  • Discover ancestral medicine and how it can help you heal yourself, your family, and your community
  • Understand how connecting with guides along your bloodlines can transform how you see yourself and your connections to your ancestral inheritance
  • Explore how emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering passed down through troubled ancestors is a kind of connection — and how it can be transformed
  • Be given ways to view your blood family as a resource for goodness, healing, wisdom, and belonging
  • Experience a short practice to claim ancestral blessings

Weaving his background as a doctor of psychology with his personal commitment to cultural healing work for social and earth justice, Daniel offers us a path that goes deep into the past to bring its blessings and transformative revelations into the present — and to future generations and communities.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover how to connect with the helping ancestral guides in your lineage so you can open the door to break free from painful legacies that no longer serve you.

>>>>> Register for FREE Today!! <<<<<

If you’re ready to be freed from the burdens of your past so you can finally and fully express your unique gifts, passion, and purpose in the world, don’t miss: Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

The Shift Network aim’s to create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

We hold a vision where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace, but the very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.

Our intention is to share the very best in personal and societal transformation, so that together, step by step, we’re shifting the way we do things on this planet and creating a beautiful world that works for all.

A network of inspired hearts, awakened minds, and dedicated souls.

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Complaint Free Habit Video


Establish a Complaint Free Habit

So how long can you go without complaining?

Suggested Guidelines

Commit to being positive for 21 days.

Use of a calendar to mark off the days, a 21-day calendar template can be found on GratitudeSeeds.com. You can print this template or create one of your own and post in a place you will see every day.

Link to: 21 Day Calendar Template

To keep you focused here are some guidelines to keep you on the right path:

  1. Change the words you use from the negative to the positive.
  2. No Criticizing: find the positive in all situations.
  3. No Complaining: state facts instead of complaining.
  4. Gossip only if you would say it if the person were present with the same inflection and same words.

Each day you go without complaining, criticizing or gossiping check off the day on the calendar. If you catch yourself complaining, criticizing or gossiping (it’s ok, everyone does) forgive yourself and start the calendar again. On the 20th day you will want to be very careful!

Stay with it. It may take many months but when you reach 21 days you will find that your entire life is happier, more loving and more enjoyable.

You will find new energy as you complete the exercise and a sense of power to pursue what you really are meant to do.

Accept the challenge. All you have to lose is complaining!

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The One Thing Every Happy Person Knows and Practices


In this brief video, Robert Holden, walks you thru an exercises of asking three questions that you can ask yourself each day so that you live in your joy and choose to be happy.

The One Thing Every Happy Person Knows and Practices – Transcript

Hi my name is Robert Holding. Thank you so much for joining me for my first three videos on the purpose of happiness, the blocks to happiness and also the myths of happiness.

In this video, I want to share with you three major fears of happiness that holds so many of its back. I’m also going to share with you one big key to happiness that all happy people know and practice. And I also have some news for you about my new eight-week online happiness program which is coming soon.

Over the last 20 years I’ve run an eight-week happiness program scientifically proven by independent scientists who describe the program as a genuine fast-track the happiest, that not only changes the way you feel but actually changes the way your brain function.

Now on that program, we look at all of the ways that we stop ourselves from following our joy and living a life that we truly love. In particular we look at the fears of happiness.

I’d like to share with you now three major fears of happiness:

Fear number one: The fear but happiness with someone else.
This is the fear that causes us to search for happiness, the more identified we are with the search for happiness the more we live in the not now. And also the more we experience the fear that sometimes referred to as FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out.

You know, the more we search for happiness the more we become convinced that the grass is greener somewhere else. But the whole point about the green grass theory is that the grass is greenest wherever you water it the most.

Get it!

Fear number two: Happiness in selfish.

Growing up, were you have a cautioned about being too happy and that maybe your happiness was somehow selfish.

For some of us we carry this fear that happiness is selfish and yet I’d have to say for me this fear is a theoretical fear. In other words it is not really true.

I have done a lot of research about this fear. I have asked hundreds of people over the years to really examine this fear in detail.

This is how I do it. I asked people to name three mostly happy people in the life and also three mostly unhappy people in your life. I then ask them to judge which of these people are mostly selfish which means that they’re not really interested in anybody else’s happiness they’re only concerned with their own. And also which of these people are unselfish, in other words they really are interested and concerned about everybody else is happening.

And the research shows me that eighty-five percent of the people who are judge mostly happy demonstrate a natural loving consistent interest in everybody else’s happiness. And I honestly believe that just makes sense, doesn’t it? Because I think happiness is fundamentally love based.

Indeed there’s a lot of research that shows that happiness and altruism really do go hand in hand. The happier you are the more you want to share it. For this reason I only honestly believe that happiness is not selfish, on the contrary I think happiness helps you to be a more selfless, a more generous and more loving person along the way.

Happiness and love they’re like twins they work off each other, they are essentially the same thing.

Fear number three: The fear of too much happiness.

Most people have enough limits around how much happiness is okay and how much happiness is too good to be true.

One of my favorite workshops that I run from time to time it’s called how to be so happy you almost feel guilty but not quite. And in this workshop we look at the underlying fear here which is the fear that you have to deserve happiness.

If you believe you have to deserve happiness then you will tell yourself somehow that you have to earn it, work for it, struggle for it, sacrifice for it, suffer for it in some way and this causes us to unconsciously limit our happiness and even sabotage our happiness.

Essentially we’re afraid that if we’re too happy we will get a visit from the karma police who is going to tell us that it’s time to pay for our happiness.

The truth is however that happiness is a thoroughly non deserving issue.

Happiness isn’t something you deserve, happiness is something you accept, happiness is a quality of your true nature and for that reason it’s something that you tap into.

You don’t pay for it, you choose.

So now let’s talk about the one big key to happiness, that all happy people know and practice.

There have been years and years of research on what is it that makes people happy, what is that magic ingredient? Is it the job, is it the circumstances of their life, is it the house, is it the relationship, is it the money?

Well here’s what I have learned, here’s what I’ve seen: the happiest people on the planet are not the people who have the most, they’re the people who have learned to enjoy their life the most.

You see they’re not waiting to be happy, they’re not waiting for life to get better, and they’re not searching for happiness. They’re enjoying this moment. Enjoyment is a quality you bring to the circumstances of your life.

Happiness isn’t in the circumstances because technically nothing really makes you happy.

Everything can encourage you to be happy but it can’t make you happy, you have to do something to.

If you’re going to live a life you love and follow your joy, then you have to enjoy the life you’re living now.

Now on that note let’s do an inquiry. This is an inquiry based on a sentence completion exercise. You’re going to need a pen and paper, we’re going to do it in real time.

So he it goes, I’d like you to complete this sentence three times:

Number 1: One way I could make today even more enjoyable is ________________________. Fill in the blank take a nice deep breath….

Are you ready…

Number 2: Another way that I can make this normal day even more enjoyed Than I thought it was going to be is _______________________________.

And number 3: Another way that I could make today even more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be is _______________________________.

And now you’re beginning to create a list, now you’re on your way, now you can make the day enjoyable. Because you’re showing up your in your day, you’re bringing your imagination, your creativity, your love to the day and that’s what makes our life enjoyable.

So I hope you enjoy the exercise it’s one of my favorites and come back to this one over and over again when I want to reset myself and remember that happiness isn’t a search, it’s a way of traveling.

Ok I had some really good news you. I’m super excited about this. Together with Hay House we are publishing the eight-week Happiness Program online.

This really is a program that has been 20 years in the making. This program will help you to release the power of happiness in you. It will help you to tap into that real happiness that stopped searching for happiness but actually helps you to follow your joy and live a life you love.

This program is for you, it’s designed to help you to bloom, to step into your life more fully and be the person that you’re truly come here to be.

Over the eight weeks you will receive 40 coaching videos, one a day five days a week with weekends off. Each video is 10 minutes long, approximately, and it features a lesson with meditation exercises and affirmations on happiness.

32 of the coaching videos are presented by me and some of the subjects that will cover are:

  • Letting go of the struggle
  • Goodbye to guilt
  • More fun per day
  • The receiving meditation (one of a my favorites)
  • Milking the sacred Now
  • Choosing Happiness
  • Finding the presence
  • and the gift of Happiness

Now the other eight coaching videos feature interviews with some wonderful, wonderful guest and the guests are:

  • Louise Hay
  • Cheryl Richardson
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Tom Carpenter
  • Kyle Gray
  • Ahlea Khadro
  • and Dr. David Hamilton

And after that there are bonuses and one of the bonuses includes a feature-length interview with Tom Carpenter on the relationship between happiness and forgiveness.

I’m so excited to be able to present this program to you now. You know after 20 years of working in this field, on really meditating on true happiness I feel I have something for you that offers great depth and great value.

I’m super excited to be working with Hay House because I know that Hay House has the technology, the experience and the service to be able to offer you something that is truly life-changing.

You know I feel that more than ever before that the human race needs to learn a psychology of happiness. As a human race we have learned so much but really we haven’t learned how to be happy and in particular how to be happy together.

I believe that your happiness serve humanity. That your happiness ultimately help the world to be a happier place. It starts with you!

I also believe that people who learn to follow their joy and to live a life of purpose really are the renaissance workers on this planet.

Your healing and your happiness are a gift to the world. They are a gift to your family, to your children, to your partner, to your friends, to your colleagues and everyone.

A happier world start with you.

I honestly believe we’re all here not to search for happiness but to follow our joy and in following our joy our life becomes a gift to everybody that we encounter and for the whole wide world

Now is the time for you to live the life you love.

Now is the time for all of us to help this world evolved in the direction of love, and we do that by following our joy and by choosing happiness.

About the Author

Robert Holden, PH.D
Robert Holden

Robert Holden, Ph.D., is the Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence. His innovative work has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and media worldwide. Robert coaches leaders in business, education, politics and healthcare. Robert is a student of A Course in Miracles. He is author of the best selling books: Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success (formerly titled Success Intelligence) and Be Happy. Robert also hosts a weekly show on Hay House Radio called Shift Happens!

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