Enlist Your Ancestors to Help Heal Inherited Trauma


Receive tools to help you meet your ‘soul chain’ — souls who incarnated with you

Many of us carry the trauma we’ve experienced… in our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits — even if we’re not aware of it.

What you may not know is that the trauma our ancestors experienced also lives on in us.

Part of the legacy of our ancestors is the wounds they endured… and because we don’t know how to process them, they get stuck within our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies…

… and may manifest as depression, anxiety, somatic and physiological disorders, isolation, and more.

Ancestral trauma can also manifest as a disconnection from life purpose, a feeling of not belonging, and alienation from your biological family and community.

If you’re ready to stop the intergenerational pain cycle and explore how the trauma you carry with you is impacting your life, I have a special invitation for you…

On Sunday, March 8, Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone, an author, Jungian psychotherapist, and the founding rabbi of Congregation Nevei Kodesh, will share how to explore and harvest the rich resources of your ancestors — as you undo your family’s traumatic tangles.

You can register here for Connect With the Healing Wisdom of Your Ancestors: Begin to Heal Your Inherited Trauma & Experience Your Soul’s Calling

During this inspiring FREE online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how to identify your family’s trauma legacies — and how your own behavior, physical health, and emotional wellbeing have been affected by your own and intergenerational trauma
  • Experience in real time the enormous benefits gained from ancestral healing work
  • Begin to understand the effects of trauma, with compassion and without judgement
  • Understand that you came with your unique sacred purpose… and how to find and align with it
  • Be guided through a process to tap into the ancestral plane to call on and enlist your ancestors to help you heal your trauma — and theirs

Tirzah will take you through a potent process to connect with a spiritual ally — an ancestor — and start to open to their guidance in a sacred way.

You’ll also discover tools to help you meet your “soul chain” — a pod of souls who’ve intentionally decided to be here at this time and place to fulfill a particular purpose.

I invite you to join me for this deeply healing hour. You can RSVP for free here

In Connect With the Healing Wisdom of Your Ancestors: Begin to Heal Your Inherited Trauma & Experience Your Soul’s Calling, you’ll discover how to enlist your ancestors to help you heal your trauma — and the trauma you’ve inherited from them — and develop compassion, a sense of belonging, and energetic liberation.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled… however, if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

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Free Love Your Body Audio from Louise Hay


You already know you need to eat your vegetables and exercise regularly to stay healthy… But did you know your thoughts can impact your health just as much?

So how are your thoughts affecting your health now?

Do they lift you up, make you feel happy, and energize you?

Although some may, chances are… many don’t.

So how can you start to look at yourself lovingly instead of critically?

By saying positive affirmations daily!

Louise Hay knew all about self-love, and for the past 30 years, that’s what she taught… beginning with her “little blue book” Heal Your Body.

In this excerpt, Louise reminds us how our thought patterns can contribute to the process of disease or injury. Then, stay tuned for a free audio where Louise shows you how to shift this thinking to create healing, instead.

This little book doesn’t “heal” anyone, but it does awaken within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process. For us to become whole and healthy, we must balance the body, mind, and spirit. We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have a positive mental attitude about ourselves and about life. And we need to have a strong spiritual connection. When these three things are balanced, we rejoice in living. No doctor or health practitioner can give us this unless we choose to take part in our healing process.

The Mental Thought Patterns that Form Our Experience

Both the good in our lives and the disease are the results of mental thought patterns that form our experiences. We all have many thought patterns that produce good, positive experiences, and these we enjoy. It’s the negative thought patterns that produce uncomfortable, unrewarding experiences with which we’re concerned.

What's standing between you and success?We’ve learned that for every effect in our lives, there’s a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. Our consistent thinking patterns create our experiences. Therefore, by changing our thinking patterns, we can change our experiences.

What a joy it was when I first discovered the words “metaphysical causations.” This describes the power in the words and thoughts that create experiences. This new awareness brought me an understanding of the connection between thoughts and the different parts of the body and physical problems. I learned how I had unknowingly created disease in myself, and this made a great difference in my life. Now I could stop blaming life and other people for what was wrong in my life and my body. I could now take full responsibility for my own health. Without either reproaching myself or feeling guilty, I began to see how to avoid creating thought patterns of disease in the future.

If you’re ready to begin shifting the mental thought patterns that hold disease, illness and discomfort in your body, listen to this free audio from Louise’s audiobook Love Your Body now.


HEAL Summit Series 5: Lessons to Heal Your Past


HEAL Summit Series 5: Lessons to Heal Your Past

Past patterns can often create disease. Whether it’s emotional eating that leads to obesity, or physical tension leftover from traumatic events that turns into pain, our past experiences, when understood, can help us gain the resolve we need to finally make healing changes.

Lesson 1: Bernie Siegel, M.D. – Resolving Guilt, Shame, and Blame to Heal Your Body

Join the hilarious Bernie Siegel, M.D., for a reminder why you should never take your healing journey too seriously, as he shares that it’s not until we heal our pasts that we can truly get beyond illness in its many forms. You’ll also hear a remarkable part of Bernie’s journey—when he suddenly died as a child, left his body, and then later came back to life.


Lesson 2: Dr. Darren Weissman – Using Your Body’s Wisdom to Uncover the Root of Disease

Join Dr. Darren Weissman in an exploration of your body’s remarkable ability to not only heal itself but tell you why it’s sick in the first place. Plus, learn the secret cause that Darren found—after over 100,000 client sessions—to be the root of all disease.




Lesson 3: Peter Crone – Living Beyond Your Story of Suffering

Ayurvedic Practitioner Peter Crone teaches in this lesson that it matters more what you think about what happens than what actually happens. In fact, when you are detached from the outcome of an illness or issue, that is when you can find peace with it. And peace—as Peter teaches us—is a doorway to health and healing.


 Available all week, thru July 31st

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Programming Your Mind for Remarkable Recovery

In 1986, Dr. Joe Dispenza suffered a debilitating biking accident that left doctors telling him he’d never walk again. Weeks later, he proved them wrong. In this astounding lesson, he shows you exactly how to use the power of your own mind to remarkably heal your body.


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You’ll learn how to heal your gut in weeks (even after antibiotics), train your nervous system to relax, even heal mental illness.

Plus, it’s free to attend and you can choose to watch by high-definition video or listen to the audio option when you’re on the go.

Each of the 18 lessons in this Summit is packed with healing wisdom that was gained over a lifetime by each of these experts.

You’ll learn so much about your body and your health, and each day features a different topic and experts.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from this life-changing Summit:

  • A simple remedy to heal your gut woes with Anthony William
  • Creating a ripple effect of heartfelt positivity with Gregg Braden
  • A fifteen-minute exercise to reprogram your mind and your life with Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • The two emotions that keep you stuck and how to free yourself with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
  • The myth of genetic causation, and what’s really making you sick with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
  • How unresolved childhood pain can make you more susceptible to disease with Bernie Siegel, M.D.
  • What a Miracle Worker is and how you can become one with Marianne Williamson
  • How to train your body to heal, even while you sleep with Michael Bernard Beckwith
  • Why a diagnosis should never become your prognosis with Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  • A recipe to find the perfect diet for you with Anita Moorjani