How Your Beliefs Affect Your Biology

 Free Audio: How Your Beliefs Affect Your Biology Our bodies are amazing. Your heart beats 100 times a minute. Your brain signals travel 268 miles per hour. You can regrow damaged skin in weeks. But if you knew how your beliefs affect the well-oiled machine of your biology… You… READ MORE

Things You Can Control

 26 Things You Can Control from Hay House Writers Workshop by Ruben Chavez // ThinkGrowProsper with photo’s provided by Judith Loniak Photography, quotes added by and music by Chris Zabriskie. Things You Can Control 1. Your Beliefs “The power of a person derives not from the office he… READ MORE

The Ten Biggest Time-Wasting Habits

Time: It’s the one thing that keeps on rolling, no matter what we do. And if we could choose a superhero power, many of us would probably choose to freeze it, just so we could buy ourselves a few more minutes, hours or even days to get something done. But… READ MORE