How Your Beliefs Affect Your Biology

Free Audio: How Your Beliefs Affect Your Biology

Our bodies are amazing.

Your heart beats 100 times a minute. Your brain signals travel 268 miles per hour. You can regrow damaged skin in weeks.

But if you knew how your beliefs affect the well-oiled machine of your biology…

You might be ready to change them.

When Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. wrote The Biology of Belief, he did it after spending decades in genetic research.

He discovered that genes weren’t an end-all-be-all when it comes to disease.

In fact… it’s the environment that turns genes on or off. The genes aren’t in charge at all.

What does that mean for you?

If you’ve ever thought you were a victim of a genetic predisposition, or were afraid you may die from breast cancer because your mom or grandmother got it…

You have hope.

When you can shift your thinking, beliefs and emotions to be life-supportive, much like Louise Hay has spent years teaching… your genes may not be what matters.

In this light-hearted interview between Bruce and Louise, you’ll learn how Bruce discovered Louise’s You Can Heal Your Life method after shattering his knee on stage.

And you’ll discover why Louise called Bruce a case of “instant love” because of his ability to prove, scientifically, that your thoughts affect your biology.

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