HEAL Summit – Joan Borysenko

Ever wonder if the mind-body connection is real? Try this simple 40-second experiment that Author & Biologist Joan Borysenko leads us through to prove just how powerful your imagination really is!

What Your Disease Is Trying to Teach You


During the Hay House HEAL Summit Day 2 presentations, Healing Your Heart, Joan presents “What Your Disease Is Trying to Teach You”

In this heartfelt lesson, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., teaches us to view disease as an initiatory rite of passage with hidden gifts. In fact, she explains it’s our openness to learning from illness that foretells our fate… and, it is the power of love that we must lean upon as we traverse the path of illness and find within it the joy of healing.


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You’ll learn how to heal your gut in weeks (even after antibiotics), train your nervous system to relax, even heal mental illness.

Plus, it’s free to attend and you can choose to watch by high-definition video or listen to the audio option when you’re on the go.

Each of the 18 lessons in this Summit is packed with healing wisdom that was gained over a lifetime by each of these experts.

You’ll learn so much about your body and your health, and each day features a different topic and experts.

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