Everyday Gratitude: You Control How You React To Life

Everyday Gratitude: 50 Inspirational Prints to Put You in a Fresh Frame of Mind

Life is not the way it is supposed to be,
It’s the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
~ Virginia Satir ~

Keeping Meaningful Reminders Close at Hand

From the creators of gratefulness.org and the best-selling book Everyday Gratitude comes Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups — a curated collection of 50 inspiring quotes that can be displayed and cherished. Each quote, hand-lettered on a colorful background, appears on its own pull-out card, and a stand-up frame detaches from the inside cover, allowing you to exhibit your card of choice or swap it for others in the collection as often as desired. With 40 favorite quotes from Everyday Gratitude, plus 10 new ones, Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups is a beautiful gift, perfect for desktop, bedside table, kitchen counter, or wherever a little reminder to appreciate every moment is welcome.

From the Inside Flap

Keep meaningful reminders close at hand: on your desk, by your bedside, anywhere you need inspiration.

Refresh your perspective every day. Select from 50 artfully hand-lettered expressions of gratitude, curated by A Network for Grateful Living. The pull-out prints are ready for display in the decorative frame included.

From the Back Cover

Keep meaningful reminders close at hand: on your desk, by your bedside, anywhere you need inspiration.

Refresh your perspective every day. Select from 50 artfully hand-lettered expressions of gratitude, curated by A Network for Grateful Living. The pull-out prints are ready for display in the decorative frame included.

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Words of Inspiration

Inspiration – Americana Art Deco Stencil

Believe Dream Love Sing be Happy Wish Inspire Create Laugh Enjoy Live Imagine Hope

Deco Art-Americana Decor Stencil

Each stencil is laser cut for clean crisp lines. Stencils with repeating patterns have registration guide marks. Letter and number stencils have baseline markings to ensure accuracy during alignment. These stencils can be used with any paint or texture product lie flat and are durable for repeated use. Comes in a variety of designs. Each sold separately.

  • Deco Art-Americana Decor Stencil
  • Each Stencil Is Laser Cut For Clean Crisp Lines
  • Stencils With Repeating Patterns Have Registration Guide Marks
  • Country Of Origin : United States

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Enjoy the Little Things

Jada Venia Light Box Insert – Enjoy the Little Things – Dandelions

Appreciating the little things in life involves focusing our attention on what is pleasurable, nurturing, and sustaining in our lives and away from those events that are annoying, frustrating, or hurtful. It means practicing gratitude for those everyday things that are easy to take for granted or miss altogether.

Choose from a variety of Light Box inserts for our Inspirational Accent Lamp. Together is the best place to be. Each light box and quote insert is sold separately. The light box insert measures 9 3/4″ x 7 1/2″.

    • This item accompanies a Jada Venia Inspirational Light Box.
  • Enjoy the Little Things.
  • Each light box and quote insert is sold separately.
  • The light box insert measures 9 3/4″ x 7 1/2″.

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Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Are you living your life as intended? Are you listening to the infinite intelligence within?

In Dr. Dyer’s video he shares profound spiritual lessons he’s discovered in living from that place of infinite intelligence within and how living in the light provides positive changes in our lives.

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

In this powerful video, you’ll learn the biggest regret of the dying as written by Bronnie Ware in The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Do you wish you had the courage to live the life you know you are destined to live?

Dr. Dyer shares two very personal moments that completely changed the course of his life. Both of these moments were occurred because he listened to those inner callings we all have. After listening to the infinite wisdom, his life began to change in profound and positive ways.

What he discovered on his journey was we all came here with a purpose, with something greater to accomplish. We are not the physical body we inhabit but are part of the infinite intelligence of all creation.

When you summon the courage and heed that inner calling, listen to that infinite intelligence within, that’s when your life begins to have purpose.

William Blake – The Doors of Perception

There’s a quote by William Blake, he said “if the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is infinite, for man has closed himself up till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a group called “The Doors” by Jim Morrison a rock group they took the name from the from that essay, that Aldous Huxley wrote called the doors of perception. “There are things that are known and there are things that are unknown and in between are the doors.

The thoughts you think are not just happenstance; they are within you for a reason, for a purpose, for a destiny you are called to fulfill and that is unique to you. Discover that you are capable of using this divine intelligence to create the life you were destined to live, the power of forgiveness, and recognizing the light within!

The Life and Teaching of the Masters from the Far East

It said it has been clearly stated that life lived by the average individual is hypnotic. That is the majority of men and women are not living life as it was intended at all. Not one in a million feels the freedom to live what he inwardly feels he should live.

He has come under the world’s opinion of himself and this opinion is what he obeys rather than the laws of his own being.

In this respect and to this degree he is living under an hypnotic spell. It’s like hypnosis, he lives under the delusion that he is a mere human being living in a merely material world and only hopes to escape it when he dies and goes to what he calls heaven.

This is not the determination intended in the plan and purpose of life obedience to one’s inner nature. The expression of life as he instinctively feels it ought to be expressed is the very foundation of the life which the Masters revealed as the only true mode of living that is very



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Learn to Dance in the Rain

Dance in The Rain – Home Decor Signs, Decorative Signs, Inspirational Plaques,Wooden Signs with Sayings Inspirational Gifts

Life isn’t about waiting for the Storm to pass,
its about learning to Dance in the Rain

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Product Details
• Dance in The Rain – Home Decor Signs, Decorative Signs, Inspirational Plaques,Wooden Signs with Sayings Inspirational Gifts

• HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – The frame and panels (matte white) of inspirational plaques for home are made of high quality, reliable, durable, light, and eco-friendly MDF wood. Thanks to that wall decor will last you for years.

• STYLISH HOME DECOR SIGNS – Decorate your home with motivating and inspiring lines of the wall plaque. It fits perfectly and can become a part of an elegant interior of your home, classroom, office, workspace and much more.

• HI-TECH TECHNOLOGY – During the production of room decor is using the most advanced and eco-friendly technologies. With high precision and quality, the text cutting is made with new modern 3D laser cutting technology, which gives wood wall art unique views.

• UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION – Convenient and straightforward construction of the wall decor with the sturdy frame and several protective caps that cover the main canvas and a sheet of colored paper, protect your design from moisture, dust, and dirt.

• SPECIAL SET 4 MULTI-COLORED INSERTS – Wow you can easily change the color of the letters on the chalkboard inspiration! Also, you can buy and pick your own colored inserts. SET Colors: blue, black, white, pink.



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Last Chance To Listen Healing Cancer Summit – Free Replay

Healing Cancer World Summit Replay Day!
Available Today ONLY, October 25 Until 11:59 PM ET.

We have an opportunity for you to listen to some of the audio lessons from the Healing Cancer World Summit!

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  • Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. – The Power of Our Minds to Mend Our Bodies

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Cultivate Intimacy In Your Relationships

Photo by Pexel.com

If I asked you to define intimacy, what would you say? What is intimacy? There is a misconception in society that intimacy is the same as sexual intercourse between a couple. While this is definitely a form of intimacy within a romantic relationship, intimacy between two people extends far beyond sex. In fact, I would like you to look up the definition of intimacy right now. I can guarantee that you will be surprised by the answer.

In this article, we are going to talk about what intimacy is, where we find intimacy in different relationship dynamics, and how we can develop intimacy in our relationships in order to repair or improve them.

Regain is an online relationship counseling platform. We change the way people get help facing relationship challenges by providing convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a licensed therapist. Regain makes professional counseling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Regain may be used by individuals or couples seeking counseling for relationship or marital issues.

What Is Intimacy?

According to an article on GoodTherapy, intimacy “refers to close and loving relationships such as marriages and relationships between close friends. It is also sometimes used to refer to sexual relationships.” In one word, intimacy could be best described as closeness. Having an intimate relationship with a friend, relative, or partner means that you are very open and vulnerable with them.

Intimacy does sometimes, in fact, refer to sexual intercourse due to the nature of the act and the level of vulnerability that is needed to make love with another person. While an intimate relationship is often one that takes place over a long period of time, intimacy can take place in brief in counters too. Basically, intimacy is something that happens when two people feel close to each other and can happen anytime in any relationship dynamic.

Where Might You Find Intimacy In Different Relationship Dynamics?

With the exception (sometimes) of sexual intimacy that occurs between a romantic couple and not a friendship, most types of intimacy can be found in all relationship dynamics. What categories of intimacy exist? Here are a few to give you a better idea of how to spot intimacy in a relationship:


People who are physically intimate can be seen hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, making love, or engaging in any type of activity where there is a closeness and a physical interaction. As I stated above, this type of intimacy does not have to be sexual. Platonic relationships contain physical intimacy as well.

Sharing Spirituality

People who are spiritually intimate often share a common spiritual path and practice the different aspects of this path together. This could in many forms, such as praying together or going to church every Sunday. Whatever the spiritual path is that the two people share, it draws them closer together and makes them feel connected to the same thing.

Having Common Interests

Sharing common interests with someone, also called intellectual intimacy, can bring about intimacy. For example, think about your friends or your partner. To connect with them, you must have shared common interests, right? Surface reasons for liking a certain thing as well as the deeper meaning behind your love for that thing can both draw people together.

Being Emotionally Open

If you’re emotionally intimate with someone, you have no issue sharing the way you feel with them. These are the types of people that you are comfortable going to when you feel like crying or jumping for joy and the same type of comfort is reciprocated by the other person.

Sharing Experiences

You don’t always need words, emotions, or physical touch to produce a sense of intimacy. Sometimes, being in the same place at the same time is all you need to feel intimate with someone. Experiential intimacy can take at a movie theater, at the top of a mountain, or even on the couch at your house. All that is needed to produce experiential intimacy is a feeling of connectedness at that location.

How Can I Cultivate Intimacy In My Relationships?

Some relationships may feel as though they are not as close as they should be and it’s probably because they are lacking intimacy. If you want to improve a relationship or repair a relationship that is falling apart because it does not have enough intimacy, here are some ways that you can cultivate intimacy in your relationships:

Search For Opportunities To Be Open With Someone

This doesn’t mean that you have to tell your entire story with random passerby. All it means is that you should be ready to be emotionally open with people you care about when the time is right. Let’s say, for example, that your friend recently lost a relative that they were close with. Don’t shy away from this situation because it scares you. Let your friend know that you are there for them and share a similar experience with them if you think it will help. This kind of depth and intimacy creates long-lasting relationships that weather even the toughest of storms.

Bring Your Barriers Down

Intimacy can be scary for certain people, especially if they’ve been let down by other people in the past. Although this may take some counseling to do, try to bring your barriers down when people invite you into their lives. If you always shrug off people’s attempts to be intimate with you, you will never be able to start relationships that are meaningful. In order for people to care about you and want to have a relationship with you, you have to let them in.

Listen Attentively And Dedicate Your Full Attention To Someone When They Are Doing Something With You

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to start a conversation or share a moment with someone and find out that they are busy doing something else or not paying attention to us. In fact, this is a very simple way to tell someone that you are not interested in building a relationship. When you are out with someone or even when you are just talking to them, make sure that you give them your undivided attention. This will signal to someone that you are interested in them and in what they are saying and it will also help to develop intimacy in that blossoming relationship.

Spend More Time With The Person That You Are Trying To Be Intimate With

You aren’t going to be able to form an intimate connection with someone if you only spend time with them once a week for 30 minutes. In order to cultivate intimacy, you are going to have to spend a lot of quality time together. Try reaching out to them and asking them if they would like to do something with you. If they say no, this relationship is not very likely to go much farther. If they say yes, spend time with them and be ready to be open.

Inspire Trust And Crush Fear

Trust is the catalyst for intimacy and fear is its natural enemy. Let the person you are trying to have a relationship with know that you are trustworthy. Prove it. Tell them your secrets and hold onto their secrets tightly. Be there for them when they need it and be there even when they don’t. Show that you are reliable and honest and they will begin to open up. Once you’ve proven that you can be trusted, intimacy will begin to happen and fears that were held before will begin to fade.

It can be hard to have an intimate relationship if you do not know how to be intimate or if your relationship with someone has suffered from a lack of intimacy for a long time. The solution? You should visit a website such as ReGain. ReGain is an online counseling platform dedicated to providing users with reliable relationship counseling. To begin your journey into a life full of intimate relationships, all you have to do is click the link above, which will bring you to a page that will connect you with the best relationship counselor for you.

Regain is an online relationship counseling platform. We change the way people get help facing relationship challenges by providing convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a licensed therapist. Regain makes professional counseling available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Regain may be used by individuals or couples seeking counseling for relationship or marital issues.

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Hay House Black Friday Weekend Sale

Hay House publishes self help, inspirational and transformational books and products. Louise L Hay, author of bestsellers Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life, founded Hay House in 1984.

This holiday season, embrace those magic moments, celebrate and give hugs and kisses to the people that surround you. Resonate with this energy and feel the connection of Oneness this season brings. And get comfortable as both the giver and the receiver of all things wonderful!

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Live Happier


Live Happier: End Self-Sabatage, Engage Life’s Magic

Wouldn’t you love to know the secret to getting what you really want?

If you sometimes feel like your dreams are elusive, it could be that you’re missing a little something in your approach. I was surprised myself when I first saw this. If you are too, or if you’d just appreciate confirmation and a major dose of empowerment, you’ll love this free video series from New York Times best-selling spiritual author and creator of Notes from the Universe, Mike Dooley.

During this free video series, you’ll learn the most important lessons of being a deliberate creator from someone who not only teaches these principles, but lives them and has experienced great success, abundance and happiness. Mike will show you exactly how to use these principles in your life to finally go from dreaming to living.

In this first free video, you’ll learn why what you really want eludes you and what to do about it!


Using analogies that are easy to follow, Mike shares how to untangle yourself from unimportant details and how to passionately redefine what you want as a bigger, bolder vision.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about what Mike shares during this series, so be sure to leave your comment on the video page. And if you know someone who’s struggling in manifesting or creating life changes, please feel free to share Mike’s video with them. After all, there’s plenty for all of us – we can all have what we truly desire.

We’ll be sending you three more free videos from Mike that include how to surrender to what he calls the “cursed hows” and the three simple steps that always work in manifesting change.

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House

What People are Saying About Mike’s Free Video Series

“Wow Mike, this is amazing! It has really clarified a lot for me as well as opening my mind to things I haven’t understood before. Thank you so much!” —Susan

“Thanks so much for reminding me. I’ve been on this path, with HUGE manifestations, my whole life, but recently “forgot” to apply it. I will now get right back on the road. Looking forward to watching the next video. Your presentation is fabulous.” —Ester

“Thank you so much for this video. It took some doubts away about the micromanaging of life that can be so tiring. Looking forward to seeing the next one. All the best to you!” —Daniela

“Thank you Mike! Your message is energizing. And I do believe! I will start my lists and will await eagerly for your next video. Thank you for all you do to try to help us!” —Sandrika

Mike Dooley Bio

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Follow Your Heart: Dancing To Be Felt Not Seen

Have you put something off that you have always wanted to do and then reached an age or point in your life when you felt it was too late? Dr. Northrup started dancing Argentine Tango in her 50’s and has become healthier and more flexible! Here she talks about how you can too — and why you should!


Christiane Northrup, M.D., is a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup teaches women how to thrive at every stage of life. For more information visit drnorthrup.com.

Follow Your Heart: Dancing To Be Felt Not Seen

Hi I’m Dr. Christiane Northrup an Ob/GYN physician and authority on everything that can go right with your body and with your health and how to use this knowledge to transform your life your health and truly flourish.

So i started Argentine Tango in my fifties. Have you ever learned something about yourself by starting something new, that you didn’t expect.

order-making-life-easyWell I’d always wanted to dance and I want you as I’m speaking to think about something you’ve always wanted to do and you thought you’d put it off till later. And then that 50th birthday rolls around and you start to see your friends developing diseases and maybe your parents have become elderly and they’re not doing the things that they always wanted to do.

Well anyway for me that was dancing. At first I thought I’d go to ballroom and then I saw someone dance Argentine Tango across the picture window of main ballroom, ance on a snowy night and Portland Maine and I said oh that’s it.

That’s how you know by the way that it’s your thing. Your heart just goes oh that’s it.

Usually then your mind kicks in you can’t do that if you don’t have a partner and when would you find the time and whatever else.

So I want you to say to that left hemisphere of yours, thank you for sharing but my heart has other ideas.

Now what I learned from tango was that I could grow more flexible. That my balance could be better. That I could experience 2 or 3 minutes of absolute bliss in the arms of a man I’d never met before. Who didn’t even speak English and have, a you know, four-minute affair. And then have it end and leave the dance floor the evening which only cost me five dollars floating on air.

I’ve also learned something else about partner dancing. It is better than golf, better than any other exercise better than anything at preventing dementia.

Why would that be?

Because you are heart-to-heart with another person that makes you extraordinarily vulnerable but it does another thing. It in trains your
heart and his heart or her heart, because we have women who dance both roles, leader follower. And there’s something about it that is life-changing.

Hay House Wisdom Community

It is the kind of intimacy and pleasure we all need.

It’s inexpensive I don’t do that competition thing it’s just a social dance and it’s something I recommend.

But maybe your thing is horses, maybe it’s tennis, maybe its travel, maybe it’s learning another language.

Or as a former surgeon said to me I always wanted to keep bees and when I got the box of bees it was like reiki on steroids with them buzzing.

I want you to follow your heart. It’s incredibly good for your health.

For more inspirational tips visit my blog and explore drnorthrup.com, where you’ll find wisdom for your body mind and spirit. Visit daily to discover the connection between your thoughts, your beliefs, your physical health and your life circumstances. They’re all of a piece and remember you are in the driver’s seat of your health and you have the power to make profound changes.

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Be Happy and Dance

Matthew Harding has done it again. Another wonderful video from around the world. Dance if it makes you happy!

Be Happy and Dance

I am so happy and grateful for…

Be Happy Dance
Be Happy! Dance!

My friends and chosen family, music, the Ocean, every penny I have, a wonderful world of opportunities, dancing, delicious food, the roof over my head, my health, my freedom, my talents and gifts, the Sun, Moon and the Stars, LOVE, the experiences that make me who I am, Learning new things, my bright future, Peace, Giving, Energy, my Life, Rain Forests, Meditation, the Universe, Hugs and Kisses, computers, wisdom, smiling, entertainment, Planet Earth, and the to Dance!

Hay House Clearance

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